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​​Towbar Guide

towbar types guide advice what are the different towbar types knowledge advice  zone unsure help tow

 Which towbar do I want?

What are the different towbar styles 

What are my choices?

Do parking sensors matter?​

Towbar Electrics

towbar electrics differences 12s 12n 13 pin single twin semi full thirteen pins seven pins advice

 What are the different towbar styles and whats best for me?

What are my choices?

Dedicated electrics

Vehicle specific dedicated electrics what is the difference dif electric spec towing computer update

 What is dedicated wiring electrics or sometimes called vehicle specific electrics.

Do you need it?

Trailer Stability

Trailer stability tsp what is this safety feature and does my vehicle have it trailers Renault fiat

Trailer stability or TSP what is this safety feature and does my vehicle have it. Find out in our guide

Vehicle recoding

vehicle recoding tool westfalia recode jaguar kia lexus vauxhall bmw mazda car van tipper

Does my car need a computer update or vehicle recoding and if so what does recoding achieve.

Cycle Carrier Guide

Cycle carrier guide fixed hang on platform what are the benefits and downsides to each type.

This guide advises you which cycle carrier should you buy and what are the different styles this helpful guide will tell you.

Towing Legalities

Towing legal legalities tow towing van car caravan motorhome Nissan Toyota Peugeot seat ford honda

This guide tells you what you can legally tow according to your licence and how to find that information out. 

Towing Weights

Vehicle vin plate towing weights weight goring vehicle make towbar weight make audi bmw Citroen

Guide on how to find out your cars maximum towing capacity weight.

Dash Camera Guide

dash camera guide thinkware cameras think ware cam car towbar install van goring by sea guidance

Check our our dash camera guide. 


videos helping trailer stability how to fix towbar How to realign your 13 pin caravan plug goring

Helpful Video Gallery


faq frequently asked questions question answer quest how who what why when brighton worthing lancing

Towbar and towing frequently asked questions

Wiring Diagrams

towbar electric wiring diagrams universal electrics sussex east west document pdf documents worthing

PDF Towbar electric wiring diagrams