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Dedicated wiring kit or universal wiring towbar electrics


Many mobile towbar company's will NOT offer you the option of a Dedicated wiring kit sometimes called a vehicle specific wiring which your car may need.

You need to check with them what wiring kit they are offering, this will be reflected in price appearing they are cheaper.

Often not having a vehicle specific wiring kit will invalidate the cars warranty and car insurance.

As NTTA Quality Secured towbar fitters we will recommend having a dedicated wiring kit fitted if your car needs it.

 What is a dedicated wiring kit?

To put it simply each kit is designed specifically for the vehicle that it is fitted to, and rather soldering or using scotch locks to splice into the towbar wiring these kits plug directly into the vehicles existing wiring harness. Most manufacturers and insurance companies are now insisting that these wiring looms are always fitted, particularly as more vehicles now have safety features such as Trailer Stability Programs making it unsafe to fit universal wiring kits.

In order for your vehicle to ‘see’ the trailer, it is important you accept a vehicle specific electrical installation. A wiring solution which ‘communicates’ with the car. 

 Due to the complex nature of dedicated wiring it is inevitable that it is more expensive than universal wiring. This cost in most cases the extra cost is around £150 depending on the vehicle.  It means that your vehicle safety features will operate, and your warranty won't be affected, which of course could save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Trailer Stability Control
If your car has Trailer Stability Control, which is an extension of the cars normal Stability Control, it will only be fully activated when your towbar is installed using vehicle specific wiring. 

Saftety features enabled with Dedicated Wiring;

• Park Assist

• Auto-hold Handbrake 

• Adaptive Cruise Control

• Lane Change/Side Assist

•Reversing camera

• Engine Cooling System

• Suspension System (ASS)

It is important to note not all cars have these features and that some vehicles require a car computer recode to activate these features after the wiring is installed. We are equipped with a Westfalia Autocode kit which enables us to do that here at Towbex while your towbar is fitted. In some rare cases the car would have to have the car recode at the dealer. 


Benefits of a Dedicated Wiring Kit:

• Won’t damage vehicles existing electrics

• Peace of mind in terms of safety and reliability

• Manufactured from high quality components

• Work in complete harmony with the vehicles safety systems

• Precise fit for each specific vehicle.

• Maximum safety

Please note that we can only activate features that are built in to your car. For example, not all cars have trailer stability and some models have a switch on the dash to de-activate the parking aids therefor a computer recode is not required.

Citroen vehicle specific sticker


From 2013 onward Citroen are putting these stickers on at factory they mean a universal wiring kit can NOT be fitted. We fully expect other car manufacturers to follow suit.

Ford transit vin plate

Ford Transit

 From late 2016 onwards you need to check what engine you have on the Ford Transit to see if you have either a Puma or Panther engine, we need to know to order the correct parts. You can check this on your VIN plate