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MAD Spring Assisters

 Spring Assisters are designed to suit vehicles with all types of suspension specifically cars with torsion bars, and when fitted keep the original driving comfort when the vehicle is unloaded, but also allow the vehicle to be driven in comfort and safely when it is subjected to constant and heavy load conditions. Heavy Duty Spring Assisters are designed to set the spring rate of the vehicle to approximately 30% higher than the original. 

 MAD Auxiliary Springs provide auxiliary suspension for any car, made to measure. They complement standard springs precisely, neither more nor less than necessary. Even though they are always there, you will never notice it. You will only miss them when they are no longer there. 

Reliability - MAD products come with lifetime warranties
Low cost - Quick to install, no worries or construction work
Quality - Recommended by manufacturers
Specially designed - For each car model
Convenient - No adjustments of original springs
Saves money - On maintenance and repair costs
Production in accordance with ISO and TÜV requirements 


Rubber Spring Assisters


 To uprate the rear suspension of cars, estates and light vans for towing caravans, trailers and vehicles carrying heavy loads

  • Coil spring assisters are necessary because most standard car springs are designed for the comfort of the passengers and are not strong enough to take the extra loading of towing and heavy weights carried in the boot
  • Manufactured in a hard rubber compound and can be fitted by the average DIY motorist without special tools

Note: Gap is determined by the measurement between the coils (daylight) approx halfway down the spring, when the vehicle is jacked up by the body until the wheel is clear off the ground. 

 Rubber Coil Spring Assisters Per Pair

GE13 18mm - 25mm                   £21.99

GE14 26mm - 38mm                  £23.99

GE15 39m - 51mm                     £30.50

GE15A  51mm - 65mm               £31.99 

Spring assisters

Spring assisters

Parking Aids

reverse sensors

We supply and fit reverse sensors for £175 inc

Graduated colour coded LED digital display, alerts driver to which side of the vehicle has the obstruction 

Maximum detecting range 2.5m
Audible warning which can be muted
Sensitivity adjustment 
Sensors are W1" x H1"  

 Can be used when a towball and spare wheel is fitted 

 Includes 4 sensors, control unit and slim line dashboard display