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What is recoding and why do I need it?

 Today we seem to be driving computers on wheels that have clever features built in we don't even realise we have. After the installation of vehicle specific wiring kit or dedicated wiring kit, many vehicles need coding for the vehicle to recognise the fact that it is towing and enable certain inbuilt towing safety  features when a trailer or caravan is connected.

Here at Towbex we have a diagnostic tool to allow us to carry out these software updates as the main dealers would.

This diagnostic tool works in conjunction with the vehicle specific wiring kit and will activate built in safety and comfort features in the vehicle such as Trailer Stability Program.

Depending on the vehicle the tool will also activate the following features:

  • Fog light cut off- This turns the vehicles fog lights off when a trailer is plugged in. 
  • Reversing sensor cut off- This deactivates the vehicle reversing sensors when a trailer is plugged in.
  •  Indicator bulb failure detection- Can detect if an indicator bulb is not working on the trailer. 
  • Hill start assist- A function to stop you rolling backwards on steep hills when towing extra weight behind you, this feature will keep the brakes applied until the throttle is applied, then they are released slowly to allow a smooth take off.
  •  Adaptive Air Suspension - Automatically switches the suspension to towing mode when a trailer is connected.

On some vehicles it will also stop the vehicle from lowering itself at higher speeds. The diagnostic tool allows us to carry out the equivalent of the installation that the dealer would do at a fraction of the cost.

We have invested in the equipment needed to do this programming for you at the time that the towbar is fitted meaning that you don''t need to pay extra for your dealer to do it later.

Here are towbex we charge £67 - £150 to re-code your vehicle

If your vehicle needs to be recoded online it will be £150 and it can take up to 3 hours.